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Coming Soon: Justification For Your Angry Game Controller Throwing Fits

Back in the day when the Nintendo Wii was first released, there were a whole bunch of broken TVs thanks to Wiimotes thrown in fits of anger at the ‘cheating’ computer character in the game. Philips has a recently revealed patent that shows a gaming system which not only encourages, but demands that you toss around your peripherals.

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The ultimate gaming system made by avid gamer

And you thought you were an avid gamer? This gaming fan has such a passion for playing, he just had to set up his own rig. What resulted was a head-to-head gaming system, much like the ones featured in many Japanese arcades. “In Japan, competition games like Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter generally have head-to-head cabinets and I wanted to ...

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SNES outselling PS3 on Amazon

Of all of the things we’ve seen this has got to be both the most and least surprising tidbit of information we have come across regarding PS3 sales. With dwindling PS3 sales, did anyone truly expect the console to be out sold by a legacy gaming system on the largest online retailer on the planet, Amazon? Sure, SNES was, and ...

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