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Mario Kart Wedding Cake Gone Galaxy

Yet another video game-based baked goody to fulfill our sweet tooth. This time around, Mario Kart is the inspiration for this succulent cake posted by Flickr user M.A.L. All the stars and the planet below the castle were inspired by Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. Letthemeatcake.net were the ones responsible for this extravagant design and if they can do ...

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Galaxy power supply of 1,000 Watts powers way more than you need

Have you ever felt that you 700 Watt power supply just isn’t enough? Oh, you haven’t? Well, some people out there have and they are jumping for joy right now that the Galaxy 1,000 Watt power supply has been released. So exactly what does 1,000 Watts do for you? You can successfully power 24 hard discs at one time. Bet ...

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