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The QW RTY K ybo r has no ” ” or ” “

Take a look at this keyboard. What do you see that is slightly off about it? It looks like an everyday QWERTY Keyboard, except it is made without an E, an A, a D, or an I. Are these the 4 most commonly used letters or something? While there seems to be no explanation for the redesign, this keyboard would ...

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Turd Twister molds poop

There’s really no words that can express how thoroughly revolting this product is. The Turd Twister starter kit (is there an advanced kit?!) comes with 10 popular designs and shapes that you can mold your excrement into. Why would anyone want to use this? Please tell us this is meant as a gag gift and nothing more. Or we might ...

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The Ex- Knife Holder: Bah, we’ll give ya Valentine’s Day spirit!

All divrocee’s….RUN! No, but seriously this thing is frightening. ThinkGeek has this, um, interesting Knife Holder. It could be used as either a Valentine’s Day gag gift (for next year, of course) or an ultra serious gift. Expect very different reactions depending on who you give it too. The five razor sharp knives included in this set are impaling this ...

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