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Fusion Man Makes It Across The English Channel

Remember the Swiss �Fusion Man� Yves Rossy who attempted to cross the English channel in his jet powered wing suit? Well, he made it. Rossy is the first person to ever fly between France and England with a jetpack strapped to his back.� This historic flight took only 10 minutes as the “Fusion Man” flew at speeds of up to ...

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Fusion Man Attempting To Cross English Channel

Swiss “Fusion Man” Yves Rossy who debuted his jet powered wing suit back in May wants to fly across the English channel from Callais to Dover. Rossy is confident that his wing can make the journey. Last week he took a 22 mile test flight in Switzerland. His planned channel route should be approximately 29-30 miles. Rossy launches his jet ...

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Fusion Man Flies Around on Rocket-Powered Wings

What does an ex-fighter pilot do for thrills and kicks when he’s done shooting down krauts? He builds a unique rocket-powered flying machine, takes some opium and calls himself Fusion Man. Such is the life of 48-year-old Yves Rossy, the man behind the wings of his real-life Iron Man suit. Rossy is able to achieve speeds of 186 mph and ...

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