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Pastebud: Copy and Paste On The iPhone

Lucky you, iPhoners and iPod Touchers. Seems a little “application” called Pastebud brings copy and paste functionality to Safari and Mail through clever JavaScript and bookmarking. Consider it the year’s ultimate iPhone hack. It’s not an official application that you get through the App Store but it sure as hell works. Hey, it’s the best you’re going to get until ...

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The Watch That’s Sure To Get You Some Octopussy

There’s a million watches out there that’ll make you look like James Bond but few of them feature cellphone functionality. With this phone, you’re getting all the luxuries of a decked out cellphone jam-packed in the comfort of a watch. If you’re not loving the wrist action, this watch can also be worn around the neck, though that’s not very ...

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Motorola RAZR 2 unveiled

Motorola has officially announced the follow-up to the iconic RAZR phone, the RAZR 2. The announcement comes with a 360-degree tour on Motorola’s home page, giving a first up-close and personal view on the new RAZR phone. The new RAZR will come in three versions. The V8, which will be a dark pearl gray color. The V9M, which will have ...

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Fire breathing Jumping Spider Robot does nothing but intimidate

OK, this fire-breathing jumping robot may not be the most productive of the bunch or have any true purpose, but damn it is cool looking. The spider features legs that can be controlled independently of each other with an airbag on its bottom which allows it to jump two feet in the air. If you’re looking for functionality, look somewhere ...

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