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If I Only Had A Brain

Have an extra melon around the house? Excellent. While I would suggest cutting that sucker up and digging in, MAKE and Instructables want you to turn it into a brain. A great little DIY project for Halloween, provided you don’t go around eating melon brains like a zombie. Manners first! Link [via]

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ThinkGeek Now Selling Miracle Fruit Tablets

If you’re not familiar with Miracle Fruit, allow me to enlighten you. It’s a small, red berry that turns your taste buds up a notch. Sour things will taste sweet and sweet things will taste insanely sweet. Normally, these berries are a rare find in the US and the few Internet retailers that carry them are backordered like a motherfucker. ...

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Watermelon Bus Stop

Whoever designed this watermelon-shaped bus stop is a genius. What better way to celebrate a shitty 9-to-5 commute than with a piece of delicious watermelon. Know what I hate though? When people put gashes and all kind of shit in watermelons. All you gotta do is take a slice, like this gentleman did, and eat it. Link

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BLUE Keeps Kitchen Looking Trendy, Fruits Fresh

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out and bought fresh fruit, only to have it mold by sitting in my refrigerator’s crisper drawer. It’s both a waste of food and money and can be quite frustrating at times. This is where BLUE enters the picture. BLUE will cleanse your fruits through emitting a special light that kills ...

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Rockstar Games Thinks You’re A Wanker If You Use Apple Products

I won’t be able to check out GTA IV until later tonight, but apparently, if you venture into an Internet cafe and explore around the private network the Rockstar crew has set up, you’ll find a page poking fun at everyone’s favorite company. Instead of Apple, you see Fruit. And yes, it implies two things. That you are gay because ...

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Banana guard protects your… eh, banana

A banana is the best fruit for lazy people, you don’t have to wash it and you don’t need any tools to peel the skin. The annoying thing about bananas is that they’re so prone to bruising. Even the slightest bump can turn your banana dark, you won’t always be able to pick that up from the outside, but give ...

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