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Scotch Tape X-Ray Is Almost DIY

Researchers at UCLA have constructed a machine that takes X-ray images using a roll of Scotch tape. When pulled apart, tape generates electromagnetic waves through simple friction. The researchers discovered in a vacuum, sticky tape also sends out strong enough X-rays to image your finger. Pretty neat, considering getting your hands on some Scotch tape isn’t too hard. Imagine if ...

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eXplorious Hydro Foil Yacht looks like a dream

Designer Arnold Freidling designed the eXplorious Hydro Foil Yacht which is a sleek and beautiful piece of design work. Though, the real magic happens under the yacht. A special underwater hydro foil fin ensures better stability, less friction, and faster speeds for you luxury sea liners. The sophisticated connection between the yachts mast and hydro foil fins transfers and lifts ...

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