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Leviathan 2.0

The evolutionary ebb and flow of freedom, liberty, and the collective continues on the Web, as it has throughout the history of the public sphere.

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Musicians Complain About Guantanamo Bay Treatment

So here’s the deal: since 2003, the US Army has been effectively torturing detainees at Guantanamo with scare tactics and other jazz. One of the tactics is to blast music and rock and roll at prisoners “to create fear, disorient … and prolong capture shock.” Everything was peachy keen until this year, when several musicians teamed up to protest the ...

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Freedom Stick Could Cause The Opposite

Going to Beijing for the upcoming Olympic games? Well, if you weren’t aware, China is not a democracy. Their nation-wide firewall leaves access to certain websites blocked, dulling your internet experience. No worries, thanks to Germany’s Chaos Computer Club’s USB dongle dubbed The Freedom Stick. For just $30, this device is preloaded with software which will secure your connection, routing ...

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