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China Blocks iTunes For Selling Pro-Tibet Songs

China hates Tibet. No, China really hates Tibet. That’s why when some 40 Olympic athletes downloaded a pro-Tibet album three days before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, China got pissed off and blocked iTunes behind it’s great firewall. Was it because the album featured 20 songs from artists including Sting, Moby, Damien Rice and Alanis Morissette? Well, sort ...

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Why, God? Why? Twitter For The DS

If you’re a Twitter whore and you just so happen to own a Nintendo DS, then you’ll be pleased to know that accessing Twitter is now possible on your portable gaming system. Unfortunately, it’s only in Spanish at the moment, but if you’re desperate to let everyone know when you’re eating and shitting then I’m sure you can get around ...

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Get Ticketed, Get A Free Headset

If a cop pulls you over for nothing more than driving while calling work to let them know you’ll be a little late, don’t piss yourself just yet. Just because you’ve been ticketed for a traffic violation involving cellphone use whilst driving doesn’t mean you’re in the shitter just yet. You might be able to get a free Bluetooth headset ...

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Tangle Free Cord-Holding Bag Can’t Hold My Manhood

Hate dealing with wires as much as I do? The EZ Cord Bag is designed for unruly people like us who can’t maintain a group of wires without having them end up entwined with one another. Perhaps the easiest way to hold an extension cord, the EZ Cord Bag holds up to 100 feet of cord tangle-free. With a built-in ...

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Students Invent Electric Motorcycle

A group of young minds at the Saint Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights, MN have constructed from scratch a lithium phosphate ion-powered motorcycle that can travel at speeds of 60 MPH for 50+ miles before needing to be recharged. Safer than any Vespa you’ve taken for a ride, this electric bike has been built with the driver’s safety in mind. ...

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Enjoy handsfree reading in bed, sick and healthy alike

Who says reading in bed is the privilege of those who got sick? With these reading stands, we can read in bed anytime we want, in any position and under any background lighting condition. These stands range from $60 to $190, the smallest one you can bring to the beach, the biggest one you can hang your laptop up there. ...

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