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In Wake of Facebook Places Launch, Foursquare Has Record Number of Signups

While the talks heat up about the future of Foursquare in the wake of Facebook Places’ choppy launch, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley tweeted that yesterday set a new company record in terms of new user signups. While this can largely be attributed to Foursquare’s newly found nook in the media following the launch of Places, it bears repeating that Facebook ...

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Check In at Foursquare and Save the World

Non-profit law organization Earthjustice takes to the streets with their newest target, unsafe oil drilling. Their newest campaign against the man is no doubt inspired by the horrendous BP oil spill which has polluted the Gulf of Mexico with between 19 million and 39 million gallons of crude. Earthjustice encourages Foursquare users to check in at “Earthjustice Ad.” Every time ...

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