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The Anatomy of Typography

“Letters are organisms and typefaces are the species, all classified similar to biological taxonomy.” Thus is the concept behind Andreas Scheiger’s Evolution of Type, an anatomical study of the alphabet. For the first time in medical and typographical history, fonts go under the knife for a full biological analysis. I’m very concerned whether these letters were volunteers or part of ...

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Typography Soap

Despite popular belief, graphic designers need to shower too. They don’t just shed their skin every few weeks like the text books might have you believe. Even if many of them live and breathe typography, there comes a time when you have to put the fonts to rest so you can continue other life functions, such as sleeping and showering. ...

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Radio Radio and Woof Woofer, All Controlled By the Remote Remote

The alphabet is so much fun. People love playing around with typography and lettering almost as I love “playing with my dinghy.” And by “playing with my dinghy,” I mean “flogging the walrus.” And by “flogging the walrus” I mean “spanking the monkey.” And by “spanking the monkey” I mean masturabation. And how do I pleasure myself, you are almost ...

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