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Left 4 Dead Papercraft Tank

I like killing zombies. I also enjoy Half-Life. On the other hand, seeing this papercraft Tank inspired by Valve‘s latest multiplayer zombie-fest, Left 4 Dead, makes me wish I was confronted by a real life Tank face-to-face so it can bash my skull in rather than me crafting a model of it out of paper. Look how shapeless and thin ...

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DIY: Papercraft Stormtrooper Helmets

Stormtrooper helmets now come in any style imaginable. These paper Imperial helmets can be yours for free; all it takes is a little folding and a solid printer. Every color of the spectrum can be utilized to make an infinite amount of variety. Want a pink stormtrooper helmet? Done. How about one that’s modeled after Maverick’s helmet in Top Gun? ...

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Disaster Papercraft

We love us some papercraft around here. You can imagine our excitement when we found this set of disaster-themed papercraft dioramas. Right now, you can download and build the Hindenburg and the Titanic. The Alamo is in the works and the author promises plenty more to come. I’d like to see a papercraft Ferrari Enzo all smashed to bits. What ...

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