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Floppy Flash Drive

Don’t go getting any ideas with the title, mister. This here is straight out of the Doom and Apogee days. Shareware anyone? Keep your games, movies and other things totaling larger than 1.44MB on this floppy disk flash drive. I have no idea who made it, how much it costs or if it requires OS/2. Link

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That’s What She Said

I’m really sorry for all the t-shirt posting today but I’m pretty sure it’s against the law for me to NOT post this. If she thinks the floppy inches are nice, she should see my Token Ring. Now that’s what I call “software.” Link (via)

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Discs That Probably Won’t Fit In Your PC

Unless you’re a giant living inside of a fantasy novel, I highly doubt you’ll be able to fit these over-sized discs into your computer. Part of Thomas Mailaender’s “Items” project, these gigantic storage medias are better fit for dealing blunt force trauma than providing any data usage. And the madness doesn’t stop at storage. The project also features a massive ...

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