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Yahoo! Mail announces unlimited storage: Is Flickr next?

As email becomes more important to people’s every day lives, email provider services are competing in the ever growing storage solution for archived messages and files. This morning, Yahoo! Mail vice president John Kremer posted a blog entry announcing the decision to allow Yahoo! users unlimited storage. Previously, Yahoo! Mail had a storage limit of 1 GB, less than half ...

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Louis Vuitton takes on Paris with barbaric oversized style advertising

In proportions that only a fashionista could appreciate, designer Louis Vuitton, in fear that his $1000 handbags wouldn’t earn him enough money to put food on the table, has taken the idea of stylistic advertising to a whole new level. Taken in Paris by a member on Flickr, these gigantic Louis Vuitton proportionally spectacular bags line the store fronts of ...

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Nintendo DS video hack

While making our rounds scourging the Internet, we came across this spiffy hack for your Nintendo DS. Using an asymmetric wavelet codec specifically made to playback video on the DS ARM-based hardware (whatever the hell that means), this Flickr member has managed to capture this image of the Nintendo DS video hack, running on his handheld. Flickr member, Gwire, says ...

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The iPhone is HUGE!

Ok, so we might be slightly exaggerating on the iPhone’s hugeness, but it sure isn’t the smallest thing on the market according to the pictured size comparisons. As you can see from its relative size to the Motorola SLVR, the 30GB iPod, and the Nano, it’s not really a tiny device. Though, we guess since it is going to be ...

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