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Pioneer connects audio system and motion-sensing speakers over power line

Audio system manufacturers have been brainstorming for so long the best way to connect speakers with the audio system. The traditional way is the copper wire, now we can do it over WiFi and Bluetooth. The problem with these wireless technologies is that they have limited coverage and they are subject to interference, there are also people concerned with the ...

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My heart only has space for 256MB

  As if we don’t have enough valentine’s  gift ideas, Solid Alliance Japan has started selling this heart-shaped USB thumbdrive, and to our surprise, it can only hold 256MB, this is so 90’s. Next time when you pick a gift, you might as well want to look at the practicability, 256MB can hold over 60 corny love songs. 20 bucks, ...

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Transcend USB key weighs 2g, feather anyone?

Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger. That’s the title of an amazing Daft Punk song, but they should have included lighter in there. That’s the way trends are leaning right now. If your device weighs any more than your competitor’s, just forget about it. Transcend doesn’t have to worry about this right now. Their new line of JetFlash T2K USB keys only ...

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Polaroid MPA-20011 shocks skeptics

So after a day of praising all things Apple, its time to start looking at CES again; everyone gets a little sick of Apple after a while. When it came to pass that Polaroid would start making mp3 players, everyones expectations were not high. However, with the release of the MPA-2011, critics have started to change their minds and are ...

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Powerstick USB gadget charger

We’ve all seen the USB flash drives with the little display on front to let you know how full your drive is with your precious data, and The ECOSOL Powerstick might look identical to one of those. If you look closely, it has a little icon of a gasoline tank, what’s that about? The Powerstick serves as a charger for ...

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