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Dual Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit For the Spy Hunter In You

Here’s an extremely awesome DIY kit for the exhaust system on your car. �Shoot up to 20 feet of flame right out of the tailpipe with the push of a button. Is this even legal? Arsonists everywhere would be drooling if it was legal. Tailgaters will surely learn their lesson from tailing someone with one of these installed. Getting away ...

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Go, go, Fire Table: A torch for your living room

The flames will be licking your devilish good looks with the Fuego Fire Table. Don’t lie. You’ll stare at yourself in the mirror making an evil face, pretending you’re one of Satan’s dominion. Haha, we caught you. Totally owned. So when you’re laying around your house, reading a book, cuddled up next to your table, and smell something burning, you ...

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Cyclone Firetube has looks that kill

The Cyclone Firetube from Heat N Go is one of the cooler household gadgety objects that we have ever seen. The Cyclone is ACTUALLY a tube of fire in your room of choice. Since it is incorrect to refer to this as a fireplace, lets just call it “fire art”. Heat N Glo offers both custom made Cyclones and system ...

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