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China Welcomes Back iTunes

After that questionable business China pulled by blocking access to iTunes (due to a pro-Tibet album), their Great Firewall engineers discovered that they’re able to selectively block specific albums from users. That’s right, iTunes is now available in China…again.   COMING THIS SUMMER… CHINA: PART 2 Say bye-bye to pro-Tibet albums and anything not communist and say hello to a ...

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The Great Firewall of China: Why don’t they love us?

Why don’t they love Gearfuse? *tear* Want to see if you’re blocked in China too? Check it out at greatfirewallofchina.org. The server check will tell you if any site is blocked or not. What did we ever do to be blocked? I guess just being an english written blog was enough. — Andrew Dobrow Check your URL [Great Firewall of ...

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New Wifi Router Covers Your Whole Neighborhood

Well, almost. The new AS-8800 wireless router from AlphaShield provides 108Mbps speeds over a range of 1,200 feet indoors and 3,900 feet outdoors. In addition to its tremendous range, the AS-8800 comes equipped with 5 GigabEthernet ports, a Stateful Packet Inspection firewall, USB print server, VPN support, and a dedicated CPU for optimal P2P performance. It’s also capable of prioritizing ...

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