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Jar of Fireflies Isn’t An Alice In Chains Album

Using an ATtiny13 microcontroller and some matrixed LEDs, hacker Randomskk designed a jar full of electronic fireflies. A bulb is picked at random and flashed on one to three times. 255 different patterns are available and the entire thing is powered by a watch battery. Seems like it’d be pretty easy to make your own. What do you think? Weekend ...

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Microcontroller Fireflies Devine Synchronize

Alex Weber is firefly crazy. He’s so fascinated by the synchronization of fireflies that he programmed these Amtel ATtiny chips to simulate the harmony of blinking light that fireflies are known for. At first, the microcontrollers blink in no particular rhythm but as time goes on, they are able detect the flashes of their neighboring LEDs and sync themselves in ...

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