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Super Soaker 50 20th Anniversary Edition

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the de facto water gun was the Super Soaker. I myself had both the SS 50 and SS 100 guns, including a few extra water tanks. My friends and I would stake out my backyard, gunning for an hours-long fight to the death. Hasbro is re-releasing the original Super Soaker 50 to celebrate its ...

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Battling Bots: Move It Slow Motion For Me

Fighting with DIY robots isn’t anything new. I mean come on, it’s on cable television. However, tearing apart a fax machine with a robot while filming in slow motion is news to me. Peep the video to see robots tearing each other to pieces as well as helpless office appliances and even golf balls getting caught in the crossfire. Watching ...

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