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Ritmo Baby Speakers Deafen Your Baby Before It’s Born

Want to ensure that your quickly blossoming fetus develops an ear for They Might Be Giants before they’re even born? The Ritmo Baby Speakers strap right on to your ever-growing belly and forcefully blasts your baby’s soft ear tissue with the sinful sounds of geek rock. Hook a pair of headphones in and share the experience. Some might say that ...

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Uber Ultrasound For Impatient Women

Are you an impatient mother who can’t hold onto her diaphragm without worrying if the fetus in her womb will develop sickle-cell anemia? Well no worries, tubby, because Royal Philips Electronics wants to turn those awkward and impersonal ultrasounds into something “much more playful,” says Frank Rettenbacher, a product designer for Philips. Now, that’s just fucking creepy.� Philips researchers were ...

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