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The Cat Organ: The Most Bizarre Musical Instrument You’ve Ever Seen

The cat organ, also known by its German name Katzenklavier, was a piano-like instrument that replaced the hammering of the traditional percussion piano with a line of cats fixed in place, their tails attached under a keyboard. Every time a key was pressed, a corresponding cat’s tail was yanked, making the unprepared feline shriek out in pain. The cats would ...

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Does a Cat Really Always Land on Its Feet?

When you walk around your house with your cat in your arms and she decides to have one of her random freak-outs, inevitably jumping out of your arms, your heart skips a few beats. What if she lands wrong? What if she injures her leg? What if she shatters her hip? What if she splinters her organs with bone fragments? ...

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Cats4Gold Aims to Start a New Global Currency

Have you held off from buying a cat because you don’t know where you’d be able to fit one in with all of those damn gold bars you have piled around your home? Cats4Gold is the service for you. Melting down your gold into 100% pure feline. They can haz ur gold? Link [via]

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