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Quick Review: SmartRSS 2 For The iPhone/iPod Touch

I was asked by the developers of SmartRSS 2 to play around with it before its release on the iTunes App Store. The software, released by Visuamobile, is one of the best RSS readers I’ve used period, let alone for an iPhone. It’s very quick and although it lags up at times, this is expected when you’re grabbing hundreds of ...

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Snowl: Mozilla’s Take On Messaging In Your Browser

Is there anything Mozilla doesn’t create that facilitates your web surfing experience? Firefox 3 came out back in June, yet Mozilla is still working hard to provide its users with top end interactivity for its interweb softwares. Now, Mozilla wants to take its browser to the next level with instant messaging integrated into your web browsing. It’s called Snowl, that’s ...

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