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Genius Students Create Fart Smell-O-Meter

So, apparently, there is a scientific way to measure the deathly odor of you gas. I always sort of wondered how my farts compared to everyone elses. I mean, I know everyone freaks out when I fart in a car, threatening to jump out onto the pavement passing at a considerable rate below, and then there was the one guy ...

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Weird Videos: Fan Made Zune Advertising Gone Wrong

Zune fans are PHAT. Yes, PHAT – pretty hot and tempting. They also have a vivid imagination when it comes to their own fan-made advertising. We think YouTube user ButternutJelly is a Zune fan, but we’re not so sure. Clearly drawing inspiration from Tubgirl, he made this short film for Microsoft’s Zune. If it didn’t include a disclaimer, I’d have ...

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