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It Had To Be Done: The Avatar Na’vi Fleshlight

Now that you’ve brushed up on your Na’vi grammar skills, it’s time to try out your new moves on all of those fine Na’vi ladies. In all likelihood, success isn’t going to come overnight. The probability of scoring on your first few tries are astronomically low. But there is hope! Until you hone your skills, there’s always the Na’vi Fleshlight ...

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iPhone Gets First Porn App

::fap:: ::fap:: ::fap:: ::fap:: ::fap:: ::fap:: OH, SORRY! Didn’t see you there! There’s a brand new app out for your freshly hacked iPhone today. For $2, you can be the proud owner of “Hottest Girls.” As the name implies, it’s an app full of pictures of hot women. The developer notes that he added nude, topless pictures today, so if ...

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