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When Potassium Chlorate Meets Gummy Bear

If you’re unfamiliar with potassium chlorate, don’t feel bad. I was too before I heard about this. Potassium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent that reacts violently with sugar, any sugar, including gummy bears. Man, what is with gummy bears and our apparent hate for them? We’re always doing something to torture our gummy comrades. When potassium chlorate meets gummy ...

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Because It’s Friday: A Cheeseburger Dipped in Hydrochloric Acid

Everybody has hydrochloric acid in their stomach. In fact, it’s one of the bodies first steps of digestion, beginning to break down the food and utilize the nutrients or lack there of. A team of scientists were curious just what it looks like to digest a fast food cheeseburger and the results are not pretty. Watch as a cheeseburger is ...

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Home Depot Has A Plant

This plant is no ordinary house plant. It’s called Spore 1.1 and it’s a reflection of how Home Depot is faring in the current economy. It’s rigged so that if Home Depot’s stock falls, the plant isn’t watered and it dies. Should stock soar, the plant gets a healthy dose of water. Cruel? A bit, but we’re guessing that given ...

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A Cavalcade of Post-it Notes

Personally, I haven’t seen Eepybird.com’s Diet Coke and Mentos videos but they’re apparently really spectacular. Now, in a move that will equally please, the duo behind the Mentos gags are messing with Post-it notes. How many to be exact? 280,951. All “submitting to gravity” in the truest sense. Watch in awe and enjoy. What a great experiment. I had no ...

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