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An Exoskeleton for Kids

Every exoskeleton concept we’ve seen has been made for adults. What about the children? What about their fragile bones and muscles? Hell, if we had exokeletons for kids we could get them into the workforce by the age of 6. The 5.25 foot tall Kid’s Walker is a snack-sized bipedal robot suit for kiddos. At first glance it might seem ...

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A Robotic Exoskeleton Prototype from the 1960s

General Electric engineer Ralph Mosher created Hardiman, the first serious attempt at creating a robotic exoskeleton that could transform a human into a super-powerful cyborg. Hardiman allowed the average person to be able to lift over 1500 lbs without a struggle. Unfortunately the exoskeleton weighed in at three-quarters of a ton, not to mention working the legs meant uncomfortably herky-jerking ...

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I Need Your Clothes, Boots and Your Motorcycle

Oh man. I wish that I had these back when Terminator 2: Judgment Day came out back in the early 1990s. These patches strap onto your body and give you the look of a damaged terminator. Were you planning on pulling out the Arnie Attire for Halloween? Don’t get caught without these patches, ’cause they’ll make your costume twice as ...

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Muscle suit makes you a super-human freak of nature

Let’s be realistic. If you’re sitting in front of a computer screen all day, chances are that your insides are slowly becoming a gelatinous blob of what use to be considered muscle. The Muscle Suit promises to increase the average human strength by using a cyborg exoskeleton. Soon, we too will have a chance to compete in strongest man competitions. ...

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Full body cyborg suit coming next year, humans given two more years to live

The Daiwa House Industry Co. has created a full bodied cyborg that looks like something you might see at your local movie theater. The exoskeleton was designed to assist those who have difficulties moving around on their own. Those people will know be able to survive nuclear explosions. We joke. When the user wants to move a limb, the suit ...

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