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Black Widow Hospitality

Wasteful predation might not be a mistake for the occasionally post-coitally cannibalistic black widow spider. Instead, having extra food around may help put a skittish potential mate's fears to rest.

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Leviathan 2.0

The evolutionary ebb and flow of freedom, liberty, and the collective continues on the Web, as it has throughout the history of the public sphere.

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Giant storks and the hobbits of Flores

On the Indonesian island of Flores, researchers have discovered the remains of a giant bird that might have preyed on the mysterious and controversial Homo floresiensis, an extinct, diminutive close relative of modern humans.

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Kevin Kelly: technology wants autonomy

To Kelly, the advance guard of the technium is to be found among the quadrillions of computer chips networked into vast electronic systems. But It may be difficult to discern whether the desires driving that process belong to technology, or are our own.

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