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Mac Pattern Madness

These are some of the most intricate designs to ever to get etched into a laptop’s casing. Gordon Cohen recently had his Macs upgraded with images of “composed corporate animals”, which I’m guessing is a shot at the man or something like that. Engraved by Device Nine Six, those looking for a similar design for their laptop and living in ...

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DIY Glass Etching

Glass can be arranged in many ways and while it can look beautiful on its own, adding etchings or coloring can really bring a unique feel to your home. Instead of spending a small fortune on having glass etched professionally or buying expensive tools, you can easily create your own designs with some painter’s tape and other tools. If you’re ...

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Elaborate Laser-etched Tools

These laser-etched tools were created by artist Dan Funderburgh. Though not all of them serve an essential use, they all have exquisite detail and beautiful patterns that really make them pop. Intricate designs scatter across handles and blades. Let’s just be glad Dan didn’t go balls out like Craftsman. If you want to check these out in person, Dan is ...

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