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Choosing an eReader When You Are on a Budget

If you want to buy an eReader, but have a tight budget, there are some things to consider that can make you more confident in your purchase. There are many types of eReaders on the market and many of them are also tablets. While they are not inherently inexpensive, they are very affordable, especially in comparison to other tablet devices or small computers.

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A $20 Price Cut For The Nook


It's hard to compete in the eReader market these days. Not too long ago we shared news about the Amazon Kindle Fire HD becoming the "basic Kindle fire." Well, the Nook has stepped up its game with a $20 price drop.

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Sony’s Newest eReader: The PRS-700

Rid yourself of the burden of carrying multiple books with an eReader. It just so happens that Sony’s latest digital reader is its best yet. This new model, the PRS-700, weighs only 10 ounces and features a touchscreen for easy transition from chapter to chapter. Sony’s also added LED backlights on the sides of the 6″ screen, so you won’t ...

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