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Epic Battles: Nun vs. Shark vs. Robot

What happens when you put an iron-fisted nun, a hungry shark and a heartless robot together in one room? Violence and mayhem. While we’ve seen our share of epic battles in the past, this is our first three-way battle. The robot seems to be sort of waiting it out in the back, waiting for his other two opponents to weaken. ...

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Characters for an Epic Tale Postcard

Having trouble creating characters for your next best-selling fantasy novel? Never fear. The Characters for and Epic Tale Postcard chart is perfect for such a situation. Everyone is there, main and side characters, from “the hero” to “the magic cow” (actually not quite familiar with that one). I can’t tell you how many jams this thing has gotten me out ...

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Who Brings Spikes To A Pillow Fight?

Here’s the kind of pillow you don’t show up to a pillow fight without. Your enemies will flee in terror when they see the bloodied thorns of this spiked pillow. It’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Link [via]

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