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HyMini Wind Powered Device Charger Puts The Green In Awesome

So, the HyMini might be much ado about nothing, but it’s still pretty impressive and potentially a great idea for green integration in the future. Dubbed as a “mini green hybrid power station”, you charge the HyMini up from a main. When you go out for a bike or car-ride, attach the little guy to your vehicle, and the wind ...

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Washing machine reuses tub water, dry-cleans leather jackets at home

Sanyo Japan was showcasing their new line of washing machines, AQUA this morning. The one that catches the most attention would be the ability of dry cleaning clothes at home. You heard that right, the wet-washing machine is able to dry-clean your clothes too, and they’re using Ozone. Sanyo was able to lower the temperature down to 50C, making leather ...

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ModeLabs release Eco-Friendly cellphones

With everyone worrying about the environment and global warming, it�s amazing that people just started going on the environment craze with cell phones. There are 3 new phones that Modelabs just released: the YoYo, U-Turn, and Runaway, which are all designed to have the least amount of impact on the environment. The phones are made to pull power from the ...

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