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DIY: $30,000 Stereo System

Manitoba native Michael Tarasenco built a $50,000 home theater with $30,000 worth of stereo equipment. After many years of being an audio junkie, Michael decided he wanted a theater in his new home. Using no outside labor, the basement was renovated and a theater was built in a 13′ x 28′ area. Watching projected movies on a 92″ retractable Da-Lite ...

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WTF?! Gadget of The Day: Weener Kleener, soap for the penis

Uhh, it’s soap, made for the penis. One size fits most men. This of course includes most of Africa, and some of Asia. Stereotypes are funny. I’m gonna go ahead and file this under Home Entertainment. Check out the warning on the bottom of the packaging. CAUTION: If Weener Kleener ever becomes stuck, soak area with COLD water. I don’t ...

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TV combo and DVD player for the real Pirates

If you happened to be a fan of the Pirates of Caribbean movie and sick of all those stupid costumes & party balloon packs, you might be interested in this new line of home electronics offered by Runa Japan based on the movie. The retro 14″ CRT TV (with DVD below) is going to look hot in your room, your ...

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Sharp to sell the world’s first touch-pad remote

Sharp updated their line of AQUOS-TV-plus-desktop-PC series, but we are not interested in that. What really caught our attention was the remote the came with it, because it is the world’s first remote controller with a touch pad. Now you can have a real TV-internet experience, just forget about your keyboard and mouse, you can type with the alphanumeric keys ...

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Get you music on 200dB without waking up anyone: Yamaha Sound Projector

Yamaha has been working on an interesting sound delivery technology with their sound systems, they call this the “Sound Beam”, which essentially is a more focused chain of sound wave adjusted to give the loudest intensity to the listener and the listener only. With that, you will still be able to listen to your music at a house party with ...

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