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Guy Creates 1:1 Scale Model of the Starship Enterprise in Minecraft

Minecraft, where sex lives go to die. Unless your name is Hal Nicholas, also known as halkun, in which case you’ll have trekkies of all shapes, sizes and sexes bowing down at your feet in admiration and perhaps just a hint of unadulterated monkey lust. Halkun has done the impossible. He has created the framework for what will eventually be ...

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The Surprisingly Bacon-less Starship Enterprise Made Out of Assorted Meats

I know what you’re thinking. This is a meat sculpture. A geeky meat sculpture at that. There should definitly be some sort of bacon integrated into the design, or at the very least, Unicorn Meat. But, alas, there is no bacon to be found. Some Trekkies will just never learn. Created using various sausages and even some salami for good ...

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Star Ship Chandelier Is Certainly NOT The Enterprise

No way is this chandelier at all related to anything involving Star Trek or any of its trademarks. And how can you tell? The title of this chandelier is simply the Star Ship. So OF COURSE there’s no relation. Any similarities in the two designs are a total coincidence. This NON-Enterprise Chandelier can be yours for $189 and not a ...

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Star Trek Enterprise Record Player

Always more of a Star Wars guy than a Trekkie, I still couldn’t help but shit myself just a tad when I saw this awesome Star Trek Enterprise Record Player concept. Had no one really thought about this before? Was there not a similar creation already in existence? It seems so clear! Inspired by the USS Enterprise starfleet from the ...

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DJ Spock Rocks The Enterprise

DJ Spock knows how to lay down the hot beats. As publicity stunt for the release of Star Trek Seasons 1, 2 & 3 on Amazon.com, CBS put this ad online that shows Spock, from Star Trek, hanging with Kirk on the Enterprise while mixing up some Vulcan rhythms that are so fly, your ears will turn pointy. Bust out ...

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