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Cataloging China’s Knock-Off Goods

China’s “black market” is notorious for their awful rip-offs of other products. Amoni Exchange anyone? Pinches Chinos is a website which is focused on cataloging every piece of China knock-offs they can get their hands on. From the stylish to the obscure, the results are hilarious. Whether they be specific attempts at ripping off another brand (such as the iFan ...

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“Mii love you long time” T-Shirt: Wii love it!

Humor degrading any certain sect of culture is just the best. You can’t help but laugh at something like this nerdy tee with the words “Mii love you long time” emblazoned on them. Not only does this rip on woman, but totally destroys the Asian take on English. Or as you might call it, Engrish. We hate to laugh at ...

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