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Duracell Battery Energy Drink

Photographed somewhere in the nether-regions of Bratislava, this Duracell Battery energy drink seems like an awesome avenue of marketing that battery companies haven’t quite explored yet. Our gadgets are powered by Duracell, why shouldn’t we be? Link

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Red Bull Cola

Hell must have frozen over because Red Bull is no longer restricted to energy drinks. It’s just released the latest drink in it’s product line, Red Bull Cola. Apparently, it tastes similar to RC Cola and contains no high-fructose corn syrup, a selling point that could prove key in future marketing campaigns. I can’t remember the last time another big ...

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Mega Man Energy Drink

I think we can officially declare the energy drink market over-hyped. Mega Man, who’s known as Rockman in Japan, is coming out with an energy drink called Rockman E Can Drink. It resembles the energy capsules from the classic Mega Man titles. It’s about $1.25 for a can and probably tastes like complete ass. Link

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