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Animated LED Emoticon Shirt Warns People of Your Wrath

Can’t say I didn’t warn you I was having one of those “I’mma murder any motherfucker that gets in my way” days. Just look at my emoticon. It’s definitely looking pretty angry. Running off of 4 AAA batteries, the Animated LED Emoticon T-Shirt lets everyone know how you’re feeling today. You can get a few for everyday of the week ...

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Emoticon Shower Curtain: Is This Considered Voyeuristic?

As long as you don’t mind dozens of eyes watching you shower, this Emoticon Shower Curtain is a hell of a way to geek up your bathroom a bit. Emoticons are becoming a new language all their own. Might as well brush up on your grammatical skills while you wash your balls nuts testicles hair. Sorry to send you to ...

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Nothing makes the weekend better than a hot chocolate on a cold night. Keep it cheery with this Smilecup from Studio Psycho. Hit the jump for more smiles.

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