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Xbox 360: Now Cheaper and Still Plenty of Fun

What’s this? The price drop for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is official and not exclusive to just the Arcade version of the Xbox 360? Xbox 360 Arcade will now retail for a price of $199.99, the standard 360 console for $299.99 and the Elite for $399.99. This gives the 360 the “cheapest system” title, taking the place of the $249.99 Nintendo ...

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Next-gen arcade games to be all touchy-feely

The Megatouch Elite Edge ION might looks more like a slot machine than something you’d see in an arcade, but the ION is what we might see being added to the arcade floor in the near future. Featuring a 15-inch touch screen, a joystick, some stunning 3D graphics, and a collection of 102 games (ranging from puzzles to sports and ...

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Laugh of the Weekend: The PS3 Elite

[ev type=”youtube” data=”GG1G1-h3gfo”][/ev] I must say, I’m usually not a fan of G4 and their gaming obsessed attitude, considering it’s supposed to be a tech channel and not a “lets watch people play games” channel. But with this PS3 Elite mock ad they made, they’ve won a place in the coveted “Laugh of the *enter time span here*” title from ...

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