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The Loch Ness Elephant

I’m thinking the Toy Dolls are kicking themselves in the shins right now for not altering their cover of “Nellie the Elephant” to read “Nessie the Elephant” (if you haven’t heard that song, find a way.) We thought we had the Loch Ness Monster figured out, we really did. But then we have to be mystified by a photo such ...

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The New Batmobile

The recession has hit Batman pretty hard. In fact, he can’t even afford gas for his old Batmobile anymore. He’s replacing unleaded with peanuts. They might want to attach a fricken’ laser beam to his head. It’d be nice to have a weapon other than trample, you know, just in case we happen to be chasing down a criminal overlord. ...

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Steampunk Elephant Gas Mask

They say that elephants never forget. But who cares about memory if you have to be terrified by mice all of the time. Is that any life worth living?! Huh? HUH? ANSWER ME! The “Pachydermos” steampunk-inspired gas mask is either made for elephants or made to make you look like an elephant. Either way, the steampunk design is pretty badass. ...

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Because It’s Friday: Elephant Pandas

So here’s the deal. Apparently, the Thai people really, really love pandas. They love pandas so much that they are willing to paint their national animal, the elephant, to look just like over-sized smelly versions of the cuddly bears. Keepers of Thailand’s Ayutthaya Elephant Kraal threw some paint on five of these huge rodentphobic mammals and paraded them through the ...

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