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Another Day, Another Format

Right now, in a time where the economy is complete shit and corporate raiding is nothing new, Samsung is trying to buy SanDisk, one of the largest manufacturers of flash memory. SanDisk is being resistant, so what’s a troubled company to do? In this case, SanDisk decided to launch SlotMusic, a microSD card equipped with a full album’s worth of ...

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Abandoned to Art: Transforming A Gas Station

The abandoned gas station is becoming more and more commonplace these days as fuel prices continue to climb. Rather than have her local abandoned Citgo look like crap, artist Jennifer Marsh instead decided to decorate the building. With the help of more than 2500 students in 29 states, Marsh covered the entire station with fabrics and connected everything together. Now ...

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Robotic Salaryman Crawls Up Corporate Ladder

For those not familiar with the term “salaryman,” it’s the Japanese term for male office workers who bend over backwards for their job and work overtime on a daily basis. After this, they crawl their way home on all fours, bickering about how much they hate their own lives. Artist Momoyo Torimitsu, in an effort to address the issue of ...

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