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I Never Forget an Ear: Airport Security to Integrate Ear Scanning Technology

Sure, fingerprints and facial recognition are all well and good, but there’s always some sort of catch. Fingerprints and faces change with age and wrinkling, but researchers believe that ears are a different story. Pretty much from birth, ear shape remains consistent and is about as unique as a fingerprint. “There are a whole load of structures in the ear ...

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Keyboard Key Earrings guide you through skull

Recycled computer parts are always fun, especially when made into wearable do-dads like these Keyboard Key Earrings. These recycled “Home” and “End” keys, used from real recycled keys, are secured under orange glass beads attached to silver wire hoops. Sadly, the trash dump must of been low on keyboards since the earrings are already labeled as sold out on the ...

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