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Spin and Play MP3 Player Wraps Up Like a Yo-Yo

The S.MP3 by French designer Nicolas Cinguion is an ultra-mobile portable media player, allowing its earbud’s cable to be wrapped inside of its own circular design. It looks sort of like a yo-yo, but sadly, doesn’t offer yo-yo functionality. When will they learn??! What men really want is an MP3/yo-yo hybrid, not some impostor disguised as one.

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iPod Earbud earrings defeat the purpose

The iArtifact project is a design concept that is attempting to take on the extent of Apple fandom with a twist of the extreme. The iPod earbud earrings are kinda cool looking, but whats the point? Why not just buy your own pair of earbuds for a buck, cut them, and paint them silver? Also included in the iArtifcat project ...

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Comply Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers work on iPod headphones

It seems that today everyone and their mom has an iPod, and so there is hardly a day where you don�t see those famous white headphones at least once. Walking around, it looks like everyone loves those headphones, but that is not always the case. Many people actually think they are uncomfortable and don�t sound that good (what a concept). ...

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