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Huh? What? I Can’t Hear You!

CAN YOU SPEAK UP A BIT?! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! NO, NOT AT ALL! Developed by the Dutch Army during World War I and II, these Acoustic Listening Devices were expected to be used as part of their air defense system. And they were undoubtedly a rousing success.

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iPhone Extortion Plot Takes Advantage of Jailbreaking

So you think you’re real smooth jailbreaking your iPhone, huh? Really pulled the wool over the eyes of Apple, you did. Dutch jailbreakers beware. A hacker from the Netherlands was recently able to conive a series of Dutch iPhone users into using his software to “jailbreak” their device. When the supposed jailbreak is complete and the phone is rebooted, users ...

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Dutch Hunt Marijuana Fields With Toys

Guess who has a lot of free time and loves toys? If you said the Dutch government, you’d be correct my friend. These dudes love to build toy helicopters, attach sensors that sniff out cannabis and seek the stuff out in fields around the country. Seriously? You guys need a helicopter to find marijuana? It’s really not all that hard. ...

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A Mobile Bench That Borrows From A Wheelbarrow

You’d think this mobile park bench was made by IKEA with its simple design and detailed instruction set for how to build it. Ironically, the creator is artist Rogier Martens, who happens to be Dutch. Did you know the parent company of IKEA is a Dutch-registered foundation known as INGKA Holding? Coincidence? I think not. This is the ideal park ...

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That’s One Huge Lighter

This lighter not only is huge but it tells all the ladies that you’re stacked. It’s able to light a blunt in a heartbeat and it can’t fit in your tight jean pockets. No matter, because this lighter says it all. You could light a lady’s cigarette by flipping out the huge one but why not just stuff it in ...

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Swinx: A Game System That Doesn’t Make Much Sense

Kids love colorful shit that looks like it’s right out of the early 1990s. Case in point: Swinx. Swinx is supposedly a game system designed by the Dutch that interacts with children. Your kids run around with these RFID-enabled colored wristbands and a clover-shaped base station alerts children to the game they’ll be playing. Sound confusing? That’s because we’re not ...

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