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Get Your Very Own Non-Working iPhone Display Model for $20

There is surely a large percentage of you who have been holding out on the iPhone not out of spite, but because you just don’t have the extra cash laying around. In these times of financial strife, sacrifice is essential. If you still want to at least LOOK like you can afford an iPhone, iPhoneDummy.net is selling non-working display models ...

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The Many Kinds Of Crash Test Dummies

Remember that show The Incredible Crash Test Dummies? It makes you wonder: what’s so incredible about crash test dummies, anyway? It’s probably because they come in all different shapes and sizes. Short ones, fat ones, little ones and even tall ones plant their ass in a driver seat and brace for impact. Oobject must be fans of the 1993 Dummies ...

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Scientist says “Tell Me Everything You Know Or Else, Fake Baby!”

While the image might suggest that this man is taking violent measures to extract information out of this dummy baby, there is actually a scientific story to go with this awkward image. Though we wish there wasn’t. It would make the picture so much more entertaining. This $28,200 (�19,000) crash test dummy baby will help scientists better understand the trauma ...

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