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Tetris Duct Tape Wallet Doesn’t Play Cool Arabian Music

Tetris might be my all-time favorite game. No matter how detailed graphics become, there is no beating the complicated task of organizing geometric shapes into complete rows. This wallet from Etsy’s KMC Designs is not only Tetris-themed, but made of duct tape! Theoretically, you can remove the individual Tetris pieces on the face of the wallet and make your own ...

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360-Degrees of chill for real “fanboys”

In the summer, when you and your buddies are chilling by the fan, there seems to always be a fight to who gets to sit in front of the cool air flow. I mean, most fans turn, like, 90 degrees, if that. The 360-degree Fan adds a whole new definition to the word Fanboy. With 360-degrees of coolness, this fan ...

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IDE Cable Belt is so geeky, no one will get the hint

The IDE Cable belt is almost BEYOND geeky. It’s to the point where if someone notices your belt, they’ll probably think its either made of duct tape or some other cheap material. But “IDE cable” will probably be one of their last guesses, if one were to guess at all. If getting noticed isn’t important to you and you just ...

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ICE-Qube is one big life saver

After the horrible events of September 11th, many American’s became paranoid over the fact that eventually, we will all be killed by Islamo-fascists. While we might still certainly be at risk for future attacks, or even if we aren’t , the ICE-Qube safety kit is one piece of safety gear that you can afford to splurge some money on. This ...

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