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Pirate Drinking Belt = Every Frat Boy’s Dream

I haven’t checked my contract in awhile but I’m pretty sure I’m legally bound to cover anything pirate-related on Gearfuse. Up today, we have this kick ass Pirate Drinking Belt from some company no one has heard of. It comes with a striped belt, a shot glass with skull and crossbones, a bottle for liquor and a nice little skull ...

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Drown Away Your Sorrow With Gin

Wallowing in your own self pity while drinking away your sorrows with a glass full of gin and tonic just got even more depressing. Gin & Titonic is an ice cube mold that is shaped to depict miniature Titanics and icebergs that can “sink in your drink.” Jason Amendolara of Fred Studio designed a single ice tray capable of creating ...

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Helen Keller Was A Drunk (PROOF)

Sure, in 1821 Louis Braille created a language for the visually impaired. But did you know it was made famous by mute-extraordinaire Helen Keller? Seems this rare artifact was discovered in some guy’s backyard. It appears to be a wine bottle from Lazarus Wine with braille writing all over it. It adds fuel to my theory that Keller wasn’t mute, ...

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Three Liter Homebrew Keg

I love a good party with a keg full of Natty Light but who enjoys plunking down $60 for a deposit every time? Certainly no one I know of. Luckily, C.D. Pritchard has developed a way to create a three liter beer keg made from a soda bottle and some CO2 machinery. Most of the parts seem to be readily ...

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Hijos de Villa Tequila Gun: You Call That A Shot?

You feelin’ lucky today, punk? Well, shazzzam! If you need a new accessory for your Whiskey Holster, you might be very lucky indeed. The Hijos de Villa Tequila Gun chooses to opt out the violence of bullets, and replace every “shot” with 200ml of tequila in all of its drunk-aiding glory. You know what would be awesome? Drinking all of ...

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