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DIY Walnut and Paper Drum Machine is Bizarre, But Free

“Walnut and Paper Drum Machine.” It sounds like the subject header from some shitty spam e-mail. But thankfully, this DIY project is both faux-meat product-free and very real. So, here’s what you have to do. Steal a bunch of walnuts from your squirrely forest friends, grab a sheet a paper and a webcam, and head over to download the free ...

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Roland TR-909 Completely Dissected

Since its release in 1984, the Roland TR-909 has since become the de facto drum machine for electronic dance music. Over on Flickr, user Firegroove took apart his TR-909 to try to fix it and documented the whole process. Never again will you see such ridiculous pictures of a huge circuit board. If you look at the boards and all ...

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