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R2-D2 Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Qui-Gon’s Ashes

When you need to tidy up after the incineration of a Jedi’s corpse, there’s only one vacuum cleaner powerful enough to withstand the midichlorian count of such a powerful master is the R2VAC2, rendered by DeviantArt user Agent-Spiff. You don’t even want to know where C-3PO’s nozzle hose is located. Link [via]

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Are These The Droids You Were Looking For?

This is why Facebook was invented. The entire progression of the Facebook UI has led up to this moment. I expect Mark Zuckerberg will announce the discontinuation of the site’s development later on in the day, having finally reached their ultimate goal. Facebook’s a hell of a drug. As I’ve said before, I’m not much of a Facebook gamer, but ...

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Iron Man Becomes Iron Can: R2-D2, Meet Tony Stark

Poor Artoo has really gone through a lot the last few years since we publisher our first post back in 2006. From his image being branded on the sides of mailboxes to being used to peddle trash cans to messy geeks, we can’t say R2-D2 has gotten much of a fair deal as far as his image goes. But this ...

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R2-D2 Hoodie Turns Droid Dreams Into Droid Realities

Which Star Wars character, with the exception of Chewbacca of course, could be referred to as adorable. Ewoks? Okay, fine. Star Wars might have its own wide variety of cuteness, but I think R2-D2 fits the bill pretty well too. Something about his dogged persistence and sensitive vulnerability really struck a chord with my heart strings. Which is why this ...

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Star Wars Clone Wars Action Shots in LEGO Form

The Tour de Force project by Ochre Jelly depicts action scenes based on the Star Wars’ Clone Wars universe, but with a twist. The scenes are composed of awesome LEGO sculptures. Jelly has a unique take on Star Wars LEGO building. I really love the use of LEGO bricks to create the illusion of lightsaber movement.

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