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Another Stunning Rube Goldberg Machine

So you’ve seen the Star Wars Rube and the perhaps that viral ad Cadbury did with the eggs. Now we’ve found a Rube Goldberg machine that most Americans would be proud to build. It’s none other than a cocktail-mixing machine! But not just any cocktail… This Rube Goldberg machine makes sheer delight out of the process of mixing a Falling ...

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R/C Pool Server Proves God Exists

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of a man living in the clouds watching mankind like a lousy Nick at Night sitcom. However, news of a remote controlled floating tray that delivers refreshing beverages is proof that there is a god and that he isn’t a dick. Like the floating speaker, relaxing by the pool just got a ...

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You Drink, You Drive, You Spill

Ford’s 2009 Flex has a $760 option to equip your car with a fridge and/or freezer in the backseat. This makes those long hauls upstate more luxurious as you’ll be making less pit-stops for food with one of these equipped in your ride. The compartment isn’t large but it is capable of holding seven 12-ounce cans or even four half-liter ...

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Drinking Tonight? Make Sure You Try The Ice Sphere

I’m a huge whiskey and scotch drinker, so when I heard that using non-spherical ice cubes in your glass causes the liquor to become watered down easily, I immediately snapped into action. I found out that Taisin, a relatively unheard-of Japanese company, has a device that forms ice into perfect spheres, creating a better surface-area/volume ratio. Dubbed The Ice Mold, ...

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Anti-Theft Combination Bottle Lock for more beverage security

You might remember the Anti-Theft Coffee Mug that kept coworkers from using your cup. Here’s another beverage security measure for all of you unlucky people who have assholes as coworkers. The Kwiktop Combination Bottle Lock now adds bottle security into the beverage theft crime underground. Assuring that no one’s lips but yours touch the bottle. Why people insist on stealing ...

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