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E Ink strikes first with color e-paper display

E Ink, the company whose displays power the Kindle and the Nook, is bringing the first low-power, ambient-light color display to market. Like its black-and-white reflective-displays forerunners, Triton promises weeks, not hours, of battery power. But the resolution of the new technology, at least for now, lacks the richness and resolution of its backlit LED competitors.

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Taxidermy from the Dr. Seuss Universe

Inspired by some of the weirder creature creations featured in Dr. Seuss’s iconic books for children (and really nostalgic and/or geeky adults), The Marine Muggs Collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy mashes together the finest of modern creative works with your love of slaughtering anything with a fictional or non-fictional pulse. These Dr. Seuss taxidermy pieces would fit comfortably between the mounted ...

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Green LEGOs and Ham

Look, I know the title of this post features a pun shittier than that of an Ayn Rand novel but isn’t this neat? Someone took the time to make a couple of eggs and a delicious-looking green ham from everyone’s favorite building block. Now if only they could make a full blown creation of The Lorax, one of my favorite ...

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