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LED Man is a Victim of Shrinkage

Built using hundreds of strategically placed LED lights suspended from threads hanging from the ceiling, the “Man With No Shadow” is a life-sized dude designed by Makoto Tojiki. He has a sort of Dr. Manhattan thing going on, especially with that Smurf-colored Tootsie Roll he’s packing in his non-existent drawers.

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Watchmen’s Rorschach Masked and Unmasked Action Figures

If you haven’t seen Watchmen yet there are a few (but not too many) essential sights you have missed before you can say you’ve truly lived. For one, you’ve missed seeing a gigantic CGI-enhanced blue penis. You’ve also failed to witness the unmasking of the antihero Rorschach a.k.a. Walter Kovacs. Reading his blog would be a good start at getting ...

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Forget About Your Woman’s Man-Hands with Dr. Manhattan Gloves

We don’t want to know what you use these Dr. Manhattan Gloves for. We really don’t. Whether you’re using them to act out your darkest of sexual fantasies, or simply need a new pair of dish washing gloves, do as you will, but no asky, no telly. No matter what you use them for, they are just too damn cool ...

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Watchmen Closeups

Despite the ongoing legal battle between 20th Century FOX and Warner Bros. over Watchmen rights, Warner is still flinging press material left and right. Found in some Brazillian publication called SET, there’s four new close-ups of characters from the movie. Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, The Comedian and the chick who’s fucking Night Owl (sorry, I just finished reading it and already ...

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